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The Hey Werks™ is the revolutionary way to move hay from field to storage, or from storage to cattle. Load and unload bales without a tractor! Move up to six bales at a time in the comfort of your truck or in the cab of your tractor. When unloading, hay stays in one neat straight row. When feeding you have the option of unloading just one bale at a time, even with a full trailer.

The 21′ Hey Werks can haul five 4’x5′ round bales or four 5’x6′ round bales.
The 26′ Hey Werks can haul six 4’x5′ round bales or five 5’x6′ round bales.

21′ Bumper Pull
26′ Bumper Pull
21′ Gooseneck
26′ Gooseneck

The Hey Werks™