Snodgress Equipment is your complete provider of Arena Werks™ and Hey Werks™ farm, ranch, and arena equipment. All of our products meet the highest standards for reliability and durability and are guaranteed to withstand the trials of time and patience. Whether you need an effective method for hauling a single or multiple bales of hay, or you need a solution to treat your arena or a full arena conditioner, Arena Werks™ and Hey Werks™ has your solution! We have many options in arena drag equipment, including arena drags, harrows, rotary harrows, arena groomers, arena rakes, rotary drags and water trailers. Take your time browsing our products and feel free to contact us for an equipment quote or simply send a suggestion and one of our eager and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you!

The Official drag of the Appaloosa Nationals, the Appaloosa World, the Cactus Reining Classic, the High Roller Reining Classic, the NSBA World, the Paint Horse Congress, the Paint World & Youth World Shows, the Pinto Color Breed Congress, the  Ranch Sorting National Championships, the Reining by the Bay, The Run For A Million, the Stock Horse of Texas World Show & used by many others.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: **NEW PRODUCT** The Elite: by Arena Werks